15 Things You Are WASTING Your Time With

narrowing it down to just 15 things that we waste our time on was not easy.
We were masters of time wastage. We have our black belts and procrastination have earned our PhDs and watching those seconds turn into minutes and we all get a degree for wondering why we don’t get anything done. we assure you this video will not be a waste of your time. We’re merely here to highlight the things that drain hours without accomplishing anything.
We encourage you to take time out sometimes so you don’t burn out. But wasting your precious energy on rubbish will not equate to success, and you are not about that life.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”

1: Being dismally organized :

If someone came to you and said would you work for free for two and a half days. Your reaction would likely be along the lines of, are you crazy. Of course you wouldn’t work for free for two and a half days without there being some kind of reward down the line, however studies reveal the average person spends 2.5 days a year looking for lost stuff. And that’s the average person who you imagine is semi-organized.
Imagine the person that really doesn’t have their shit together, 60% of people were late for work, 49% skulked into meetings late 22% missed their flight trains or other travel plans and the repercussions can be costly,  it’s really not that difficult to have one spot to put your sunglasses, your keys and other belongings with time, you won’t even realize you’re putting things in their rightful place, it’ll just be so ingrained within you.

2: Reading crappy books :

squibbing is an art just ask roal dahl , but not all authors are great scribblers so sometimes we begin a book with great enthusiasm only to realize five chapters in the book is pretty awful, but if we stop the book, isn’t it kind of like quitting and of course us, we’re not quitters, but this time it’s really okay to put the book down and move on Google says there are 100 and 30 million books in the world.
So we’re pretty sure you’ll find something else that you’ll enjoy much more.

3: Reading the news :

you’re all well read and up to date with current affairs, of course you are. But to have a constant barrage of negativity coming your way is a huge waste of your time and totally draining your energy. The problem with news is it comes from so many sources, and it’s hard to switch up. So whether or not you’re seeking information about Kanye West and his apparent impending divorce from kim k , or an update on the toxic workplace of the Ellen Show, there it is right in your face. So set yourself a news window, each day and stick to that time limit.
Choose a reputable site that will deliver you the truth or as close to it as possible, and use a filter so you’re not overexposed to news that you’re not interested in.

4: Scrolling through anything and everything :

in 2019 people spent an average of two hours and 22 minutes on social media, 18 to 24 year olds, were on social media for three hours a day, and South American users top the daily social media usage at three hours and 29 minutes, it’s projected that in our lifetime, we will spend six years and eight months on social media alone. That doesn’t even include other sites blogs and daily news we waste our time on, we achieve nothing by doing this .
time is precious and like Benjamin Franklin said “ if time be of all things, the most precious wasting time must be the greatest prodigality”

5: Multitasking :

It has been scientifically proven that people cannot multitask, we can fool ourselves into believing that we’re able to do it but one of those tasks you’re doing it’s not getting your full attention. What we can do is shift our attention from one task to another with astonishing speed, but we could never focus 100% on both. If you still believe that you can multitask, be sure to choose one of the tasks you don’t mind dropping the ball with because that’s bound to happen, and you’ll have to start the task all over again. What a waste of time. And next day  is all about what comes before the chill.

6: Netflix :

it’s definitely not a waste of time to Netflix and chill, it will be the most productive 11 minutes of your day. However, just Netflix thing all day every day is a waste of time, there are websites that calculate how much time you’re spending binge watching shows how even Netflix calculates it for you.
The average American spends 77 days a year watching TV, and if you had to ask what was remembered from all of that time watching TV, the answer would be a unanimous disappointment on the ending of Game of Thrones.

7: Constantly checking email :

we check emails roughly 15 times a day. And every time we do check an email we psych ourselves out at the task at hand, and it takes us longer to get back into that work group. We check each email that comes through and then make a mental note to reply later.
Then when we do we read the email again and reply, that’s reading the email twice,wasting your time CC and BC seeing is another email time waster avoided if at all possible, try to create two specific time a day to check and respond to email once in the morning and once before signing off for the day, as an American entrepreneur Noah Kagan puts it, “no one ever got rich checking their email more often”.

8: Thinking about exercising :

Each day a person spends seven minutes thinking about exercising, imagine what a difference it would make it to your physical and mental health.
If you spent those seven minutes, skipping, or doing some crunches and push ups, or even dispensing those seven minutes, meditating.
Sadly, thinking about exercising it doesn’t make you better or lose weight. So stop thinking about it and just do it.

9: Trying to change someone :

Do you ever find yourself saying things like, if only they would do X, Y, Z  and then things would be better for them, or what they really should be doing is x, y, Z , it wouldn’t be that bad if they would only listen to me. Let  others just be themselves, and stop trying to change them. You are you and they are well themselves offer the advice you want to impart but don’t make a big deal of it if they choose not to listen to you, and if we’re honest, when we try to change someone it’s often to improve our lives and not theirs. We are seen as controlling and what if you invest months or even years and the person does change, will you feel proud of yourself, you essentially change that person to be the untrue version of themselves waste of time, we think so.

10: Over-indulging in food and alcohol :

It’s really fine to have a wild light on the odd occasion, but where the time wastage comes in is when you’re constantly waking up with a hangover or a stomach-ache.
You’re taking the joy, away from your tomorrow it further wastes time when you have to train harder to burn off the extra calories you’re consuming or you have to work harder to purchase the unusual amount of alcohol you’re drinking, and if we’re being honest it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself in the doctor’s office with liver problems or obesity related illnesses. If you’d like more tips on how to manage your time a little better.

11: Being a perfectionist :

we know you like to be the best at what you do and that’s all great, but trying to be a perfectionist and everything is wasting your precious time. perfectionism is a waste of productivity, the constant stress to be perfect, all the time, makes you unable to be creative and it also takes away the joy of the project at hand, constantly striving for perfection, can lead to burnout, and it can also have a reverse effect. You don’t even try because you’re concerned you won’t be perfect at it. So you lose the opportunity of learning something new, because if you’re not perfect, what’s the point, the late and Wilson shape author of when society becomes an addict aptly quoted “perfectionism is a self-abuse of the highest order”

12: Mindless mall browsing :

Many malls go to a lot of effort just to attract people to come inside and spend their time. Most theatres ice rinks, movie houses, restaurants and other attractions to keep bodies in size, people meet at malls to hang out, enjoy their air conditioning and just do a spot of window shopping, this mindless mobile browsing is a waste of time. You’re also exposed to a lot of advertising and every trick out of the sun to get you to spend your money on things that you don’t mean plus in the mall there’s more of a chance you’ll encounter the person that makes you waste even more of your time, which we’ll share with you next.

13: Having an affair :

as if having a relationship with one person isn’t time consuming enough, finding time to have a decent relationship with another is a total waste of time. It’s mentally challenging to have to keep yourself on top of your cheating game, you have to make sure you cover your tracks all the time, you need to get your friends on board with your other one, you need to spend money secretively, you have to lie and you lose track of what you’ve told whom it’s draining.
Imagine if you used all of that time and energy used in cheating and invested it in your current relationship, besides relationships from affairs, rarely work, because if you’ve been unfaithful with your current partner and you hook up with a new one that new partner will never completely trust you because you’re capable of cheating once, what’s stopping you from doing it again.

14: Complaining all the time :

Whatever you’re not changing, you are choosing powerful words ,let me repeat them whatever you’re not changing, you are choosing every single person is dealing with their own ish, and there are a select few ways you can of course divulge your unhappiness or anxiety with, but if you’re going to constantly go about the same problem, what do you ever acknowledge the problem is you. People don’t like Debbie downers and you’re wasting not only your own time but everyone else’s so it’s time to grow a pair and either stop complaining, or make a change.

15: Worrying about what other people think of you :

you need to stop spending time thinking and worrying about what others think of you.
Truth is not everyone is going to like you, we get it, not everyone has good taste but you need to let them go, their real thing to worry about is, do you like yourself, if you don’t, well then it’s time to make those changes and only you can do that and we have one more juicy bonus coming up and this famous painter was a master of wasting time. But before that, what did you find yourself wasting time doing and what advice could you share with other to stop wasting their time, we always value your support and input in the comments.

And that’s for that bonus we promised you. Here it is one of the most famous painters in the world is no doubt, Leonardo da Vinci, like students throughout the course of time Da Vinci was easily distracted and wasted a lot of time just doodling his procrastination was well known and one client even threatened to bankrupt Da Vinci if he didn’t finish a piece of commissioned work. Sure. The difference between Da Vinci’s doodling and our doodling is vast, but it’s kind of refreshing to know that even the most famous of famous, are we now for wasting a bit of time now and until next time .
Thank you for spending some time with.
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